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Uprzejmie informujemy, że z dniem 1-08-2023 roku nastąpi zmiana siedziby firmy Wojnarowski Lighting Design.
Nowa siedziba będzie znajdować się pod adresem:

Katowice ul. Gospodarcza 16
(siedziba firmy Wojnarowscy / SpectrumLED)

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Zespół Wojnarowski Lighting

Swarovski Infinite Aura in our showroom!


The Infinite Aura collection pays homage to the iconic chandelier while being relevant to the modern home and lifestyle. It signals a move into new interpretations of light and design using the emotive medium of crystal, adding cutting-edge technology to complement lifestyle and home experiences, provide functional light when required and a technology platform for connectivity, customization and personal creativity.

With the touch of a button on the bespoke Swarovski app “Infinite Control”, Infinite Aura effortlessly attunes to your mood and complements your everyday life. From radiant rays to a dim glimmer, the collection encapsulates the art of light and crystal with pre-programmed and customizable moods and effects that find harmony through a unique technology inspired by nature.

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